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Consultation may include my recommendation for you to supplement your therapy regime with nutritional products, which may support and enhance systems in your petís body.

These supplements will be used to:

Promote healing
Stimulate defense pathways
Prevent future problems
Ease pain and improve well being.

Many of these products can be obtained by you at a local nutritional supplement store (example: Whole Foods Market) or online (www.genefloraforpets.com for Geneflora.) There are, however, certain whole food source supplements which can only be purchased through veterinarians who carry such products. If you do not have access to these products, I can get these products for you if we decide that this is what your pet needs.

Cytosol Extract: Extracts from the cytoplasm of the cell of a gland or organ. These products can help immediately by helping to replace gland or organ function.

Protomorphogen: Extracts from nucleic acids from the nucleus of the cell of a gland or organ. These products can help very specifically a gland or organ to heal over time by promoting normal function not replacing function.

Combination formulas: Extracts combined with food source vitamins, minerals, and enzymes which have been formulated for a specific need.

Whole gland extract: Desiccated extracts of the actual gland or organ. This provides the body with actual tissue which may need help.

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