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Wilner Veterinary Consult

Helping you to understand your pet's condition


My name is Les Wilner. I have been a small animal practitioner for 33 years. While in my practice, I employed the use of conventional and alternative veterinary medicine. Rather than just relying on treating symptoms, I investigated deeply into possible causes for chronic conditions in my patients. Usually more than office visit time would be needed. Phone discussions with clients were a large part of seeking answers. Often times, the solution to a problem could be found in the petís environment or diet.

In July 2000, I sold my medical/surgical practice to devote attention consulting with clients across the country. During my departure from active clinical practice, I have enjoyed talking with many people about the health care of their pets. I have found that pet owners appreciate an additional viewpoint, on whatís going on with their pet.

I am providing pet owners with an opportunity to speak with me via a casual, friendly, relaxed, extended phone conversation.

We will be able to discuss such matters as:

Providing in more detail, what your veterinarian has diagnosed, treated, or advised.( allowing us to take the time not afforded during your office visit.)
Providing an unbiased second opinion on decisions you may be contemplating about your pet.
Providing a listening ear for concerns and questions you may be holding.
Providing possible alternative care options in addition to your veterinarianís course of action ( examples of dietary and nutritional supplementation, detoxification techniques, home environmental hazards.)

What is NOT provided:

No diagnosis will be made.
No blame will be discussed on a differing of opinions between you and your veterinarian.
No alternative care advice can be given without a diagnosis and agreement from your veterinarian.

5840 SW 32 Terrace, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33312
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